2012-13 Spring semester, this course will be on "Computer Vision" and will cover the following topics:

1. Introduction
    o Introduction to Computer Vision
    o Human visual system
2. Image formation
    o Camera& Optics
    o Light & Color 
3. Image Filtering
    o Linear Filters
    o Image Sampling 
4. Grouping and fitting
    o Segmentation 
    o Hough transform
    o Contour detection
    o Image transformations

5. Feature Detection& Matching
    o Corners & Blobs
    o Descriptors
    o Matching
 Multiple view geometry
    o Camera model
    o Homography and image warping 
    o Epipolar geometry
    o Camera calibration
7.  3D reconstruction
    o Stereo
    o Sparse depth estimation
    o Dense depth estimation
8. Recognition
    o Introduction to recognition
    o Face detection
    o Bag-of-words models
9. Motion
    o Optical Flow
    o Tracking
    o Video processing


30% Homeworks
70% Project